Argyle Diamonds: The World’s Highest Quality Pink Diamonds

Located in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia, the Argyle mine produces approximately 0.1% of the world's diamond natural coloured supply and roughly 95% of the globe's most rare and highest quality Natural Pink Diamonds. The mine also produces, white, champagne, pink, blue, red, green and Violet Diamonds which are said to primarily strictly come from Argyle.

The mine itself is a wonder since its success and high production rate over the past 30 years is unprecedented. As a result, Argyle has made quite the name for itself and its products, namely its extremely valuable and equally as popular signature stone, the Argyle Pink Diamond. It is for this reason that diamond collectors and investors follow the Argyle very mine closely.

A group of very rare Argyle Tender Diamonds

Josephine Archer, the Argyle Mines Pink Diamond Business Manager, states:

"Although the Argyle mine supplies approximately 90% of the world's pink diamonds, astonishingly, a whole year's worth of production of stones over half a carat would fit in the palm of your hand. This goes to show just how rare these beautiful stones really are.”

"The chances of any future mine discovery replicating the unique properties of the Argyle mine is extremely low," said Archer. "Currently there are no other pink diamond mines or deposits, and even if another deposit of pink diamond-bearing ore is discovered, it takes an average of 10-15 years for a mine to proceed from discovery to production."

Argyle Pink Diamonds are recognized as some of the most concentrated forms of wealth on the planet and therefore present a unique investment opportunity and advantages over other traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and precious metals.

The Argyle Mine

The Argyle mine lies 2,500 kilometres from the Australian city of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. The mine began operations in 1985 and has changed the world of diamonds, and pink diamonds in particular, ever since. Approximately 20 million carats of diamonds are produced annually at the mine, but less than a mere 0.1% of them are pink diamonds.

In 2009, it was estimated that the mine's life span would only remain for approximately another 10 more years and furthermore Argyle has confirmed this in their own publications. This means that general production is believed to end in 2019. A such, there has never before been (and will probably never again be) a mine that replicates the unique properties that the successful Argyle mine produces.

Controlled by Rio-Tinto, the world's third largest mining company, the mine produces approximately 35 million carats of rough diamonds annually, but only 5% are considered gem quality. Furthermore, less than 2% of all coloured diamonds mined at the are officially certified as Pink Diamonds. As such, Argyle diamonds are known throughout the world to show fantastic colours and retain unbelievable value. In fact, these stones can sometimes reach almost twice the amount of a similarly beautiful pink diamond mined elsewhere.

Argyle has invested a lot of work into branding their pink diamond unit, as they had quickly recognized the potential that these stones held. Since its inception, they have developed their own colour grading system and after thoroughly assessing the diamonds they note their colour and clarity grade in their own Argyle Certificate.

Furthermore, the Argyle mine laser inscribes the diamonds sold through their business unit in order to verify their stones authenticity. Argyle diamonds are highly sought after by both collectors and investors as a result of their beauty and their ability to retain value. Especially since the mine is said to close down by 2018, the demand for these stones is very high.

A Red Argyle with Laser Inscription being displayed.

The Argyle Pink Colour

One of the most fascinating aspects of fancy colour diamonds is the cause for its unique colour. Colour diamonds owe their colours to various elements within the compound structure. The cause for the pink colour in natural fancy pink diamonds however still remains a mystery. It is largely assumed to be the result of the extraordinary pressure beneath the Earth's surface that the stones were forced to endure over a tremendous amount of time. The pressure brought the stones closer to the surface, thereby altering their structure and making them refract light and produce colour.

The Argyle Colour Chart

Though it is rare, blue and violet diamonds are also sometimes found in the Argyle mine. Violet diamonds are believed to receive their colour in a similar manner except that additional trace element alters their colour even more, however this again is merely everyone's best guess. Colour is only one of the 4Cs, and like colourless diamonds, all four apply, although with fancy coloured diamonds nothing is as important as the diamonds colour. The colour intensity and rarity of the colour can elevate a diamond's value significantly.

The Argyle Tender

The Argyle Tender is an exclusive and posh annual event that showcases the most approximately 50 most exceptional Argyle Pink Diamonds mined each year. The invitation only Tender presents a unique opportunity for approximately 150 hand selected diamontaires to bid on 40 to 70 signature stones that are otherwise publicly unavailable.

Argyle Tender Diamonds

"Argyle Pink Tender Diamonds are literally one in a million, as for every one million carats of rough diamonds produced from the mine, only one polished carat is offered for sale at the Tender" says Rio Tinto's Argyle Diamond company.

Even since the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender began, the stones offered were revered throughout as extremely valuable items. Early on in the 1980s, the London Jeweler, Laurence Graff, purchased the entire Argyle Pink Diamond Tender collection. Graff later used the whole collection to create a contemporary version of the 18th century Tremblant flower. It is said that literally just a few hours after the piece was completed, it sold to one of the most well known coloured diamond collectors, the Sultan of Brunei.

Investing in Argyle Pink Diamonds

More and more investors are turning to various Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds and specifically to Argyle Pink Diamonds for investment purposes. Due to their beauty, rarity, and impending extinction, the prices of these stones are continuing on their meteoric rise.The Argyle Pink Diamond itself has been specifically dubbed ‘the most concentrated form of wealth on Earth.'

"It is their rarity that plays in the dominant role in driving the prices of Argyle pink diamonds to new heights," said Josephine Archer.

When Rebecca Pickering, one of the Argyle Diamond Mine chief engineers, was asked about the rarity of these stones, she said:

"only 1% of our production is pink diamonds. So for every 4 Olympic swimming pools of rocks we crash we get half a bucket of diamonds, and within that half, only a teaspoon of pink diamonds, Violet and Blue stones.

The Argyle mine is the largest source for Natural Pink Diamonds that the world has ever and will ever see. The rarity of Pink Argyle Diamonds makes them a hot commodity that is gaining increasing popularity among collectors, investors and diamond enthusiasts of all kinds especially celebrities!. After the doors close for good and production ceases in the very near future one thing is certain; the Argyle mine has become much more than just a diamond mine but rather, a timeless diamond empire that will be remembered for all of eternity.

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