Why Invest in Coloured Diamonds?

A group of the world's most rare White & Coloured Diamonds.

While most investors would be under the impression that investing in Natural Coloured Diamonds is a complex market which requires plenty of inside knowledge and years of experience in order to be profitable, on the contrary, it is in fact completely based on the most basic economic understanding of...

Supply & Demand

To quantify the rarity of this extremely finite natural resource, it is publicly stated that for every 10,000 carats of rough colourless (white) diamonds that are mined, only ONE SINGLE CARAT will be certified as a Natural Coloured Diamond. This would then mean that they represent only 0.01% of the globes entire diamond production.

Furthermore, this 0.01% does not necessarily mean that all of these stones would be considered as “Investment Grade“ quality. From this standpoint we now really begin to paint a very clear picture of how rare an “Investment Grade” Natural Coloured Diamond actually is. In the 20th century, it was almost unheard of to source these wonderful miracles of nature and as such, it was only the most rich or famous individuals that had the access to this essentially secret market.

However, with time and technology the manufacturing process vastly improved. The internet helped open up education and understanding of the market and slowly but surely the general public began showing a very keen interest in these fascinating and breathtaking gems. Furthermore, when the most famous celebrities began to display their remarkable coloured diamond jewelry in public, they were quickly accepted as staples in the fashion and jewellery community.

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Working with Northern Cross Diamonds was great!  The staff was very knowledgeable and provided me with a great deal of information about the canary yellow radiant cut diamond that I purchased.  They wanted to make sure that I understood everything about the stone before I made my decision.  The price was very competitive, less than other diamond providers.  Once I had made my decision to purchase, the process and delivery time was very quick.  Now I have a beautiful and valuable diamond in my possession, thanks to Northern Cross.  I hope this helps spread word about your services.

Read MoreSoultana A.
East York, Canada

My husband and I chose NCD to assist us in finding the perfect engagement ring that would compliment my style. We mostly dealt with Stephen who was very knowledgeable and really took the time to listen to what I was looking for and offered a really great selection of options to choose from. Thank you Stephen and NCD; I couldn't be any happier with my brand new canary yellow diamond ring. You wouldn't believe the compliments and interest that people give it. I just love it!! Thank you again for everything!

Read MoreMaria M.
Bolton, Canada

I have bought several coloured diamonds from Northern Cross Diamonds.  I have found that Northern Cross gets me the best prices -- even when the diamonds come from another vendor and are listed with the other vendors at a higher price.  Stephen Mitanidis has spent hours of his time educating me on coloured diamonds and helping me to choose diamonds that have the best investment potential.  He has also allowed me to trade coloured diamonds that I own for coloured diamonds that I want and has assured me that Northern Cross will help me to sell my coloured diamonds if I choose to do so. If you buy a coloured diamond, I recommend that you consider showing it to your family members and friends. Most of them will be impressed with how it looks and might want to seize the opportunity to buy one or more before the value of coloured diamonds appreciates further.

Read MoreDavid P.
Toronto, ON


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