Getting Started: Five Tips on Investing in Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds

What seems to be the most popular trending asset class in 2014-2015 and demonstrating even better returns than Gold and Precious Metals, Natural Coloured Diamonds have shown fantastic price performance and maintain a market demand that has been steadily increasing over the last 40 years. One of the most prized possessions on this planet (as a result of their extremely rare colours), certain natural fancy coloured diamonds are now considered extremely wise investments pieces.

Many major financial institutions have already caught on to this trending asset. They have started to diversify their client's investment portfolios with a little colour and "bling" to strengthen their long-term chances of high returns. Many finance and diamond institutions have released numerous articles on the subject of investment which present the impressive potential that natural coloured diamonds hold.

However, the purpose of this article is not to present more reasons why no one can deny the amazing investment potential FCD's have, but rather, we want to provide tips to potential investors on how to go about taking advantage of this trending opportunity and what you need to know!

1. Educate Yourself

Before you pick up the phone and start talking to people, start doing a little research on the subject. Read up on material and try to understand the basics of Natural Coloured Diamond education. Unlike colourless stones, FCD’s are not sold according to a price list. Also, certain attributes can cause prices to vary quite drastically from one to another. There is a lot of material to read and many different points that need to be studied. However (especially today) the information is at your fingertips so all you need to do is look around.

Just as important as understanding the trade, one needs to understanding the asset class for investment opportunities. Sit yourself down for an afternoon of reading on Natural Coloured Diamond investments and learn why they have been acknowledged as such powerful investment options.

2. Plan Your Budget

If you weren't aware beforehand, after having starting your research on the subject you will find that there is a large range of colour diamonds that are worth investing in. Since the purpose of this article is to help you define what is best suited for you, first decide the amount that you're truly comfortable with and are potentially prepared to invest.

An investment in FCD's should only be looked at as a "medium-long term" approach. Unfortunately there are a number of companies misrepresenting the fundamentals of this market and having potential investors falsely believe that the investment is a "quick-flip". Definitely stay away from this.

One of the first questions a diamond consultant will ask is "what are you comfortable in investing?" An expert who is familiar with the market will help direct you towards the perfect stone or stones, but first needs to know first in which direction to go in. Some prefer to put all their money into a very large and valuable diamond, while others would prefer to build a complete colour diamond portfolio.

3. Consult with a Professional

Do the required research and find the professional knowledgeable in the field that you can trust. Especially in a trade with such luxurious items, unfortunately people are taken advantage of quite often by unscrupulous companies. Finding the perfect stones worthy of investment should not be done overnight. Use the internet to utilize the many sources of information to help find a company that you can trust.

Most importantly, don't be shy to ask questions. No diamond dealer assumes that the general public understands the industry like they do. There is a sea of information, but tons of material that will also help to explain each and every aspect.

4. Know What to Expect - Liquidating Your Asset

If you are looking for a quick turnaround, investing in Natural Coloured Diamonds probably is not for you. Price performance has demonstrated fantastic results over the past 30 years, and even stronger and more impressive since we moved into the 21st century. Still, this is a price growth that will increase over time and will not be seen over night.

Colour diamonds are unique, so much so that no two coloured diamonds are exactly identical. A beautiful stone will never lose its value over time because of inflation into the market, since each one found has its own diamond characteristics that cannot be duplicated. From time to time, there are very similar colour diamonds found, and often paired together for colour diamond jewelry, but still that only increases their value as they become part of a set.

A Group of Natural Blue Diamonds

Certain assets are more difficult to liquidate. However, diamonds were, are, and always will continue to be traded. Developing a relationship with a reputable diamond dealer is critical. A professional within the trade, who can be trusted, will have a much broader crowd to market towards. Furthermore, they will often be happy to help you to sell it for a small percentage, or perhaps even purchase the stone themselves. the first step is definitely come to us as over the years, we have helped many clients sell their diamonds through our network and contacts in and out of the trade.

Next, there is always the option of bringing it to auction. Obviously, along this route, the more rare the stone is the easier it will be to sell. Lastly, there is trying to sell it on your own (social networking, consumer-to-consumer sites like eBay, or uploading it to lists scouted by traders). Similar to selling your house, although you can do it on your own it is often worth investing in a real-estate agent who has more contacts and understand the trade.

5. Investment Diamonds

We can’t speak for all companies, but at Northern Cross Diamonds we only direct our clients to specific NCD’s worthy to be called Investment Grade Stones. Some examples of these investment-worthy diamonds are:

  • Argyle Pink Diamonds of high quality and colour any shape usually 0.25ct and higher in weight.
  • Any Argyle Tender Diamond
  • Internally Flawless Yellow Canary Diamonds between Fancy Light - Vivid Yellow (Over One Carat).
  • Internally Flawless stones of all colours and intensity’s
  • All Exotic and Rare Natural Coloured Stones of any size/quality such as Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Violet, Orange (straight).

No one can predict the future, but the ability to analyze the information available and assess which asset class should be considered a wise investment is there. Call Northern Cross Diamonds today and allow us to open the conversation of a Coloured Diamond Investment that will for all intents and purposes stand to change your life forever!

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I have bought several coloured diamonds from Northern Cross Diamonds.  I have found that Northern Cross gets me the best prices -- even when the diamonds come from another vendor and are listed with the other vendors at a higher price.  Stephen Mitanidis has spent hours of his time educating me on coloured diamonds and helping me to choose diamonds that have the best investment potential.  He has also allowed me to trade coloured diamonds that I own for coloured diamonds that I want and has assured me that Northern Cross will help me to sell my coloured diamonds if I choose to do so. If you buy a coloured diamond, I recommend that you consider showing it to your family members and friends. Most of them will be impressed with how it looks and might want to seize the opportunity to buy one or more before the value of coloured diamonds appreciates further.

Read MoreDavid P.
Toronto, ON

For several months I had considered investing in Fancy Colored Diamonds. I heard all the negative jargon about unscrupulous people in the diamond business and how you could be taken to the cleaners, sort of speak.  However, I called Northern Cross Diamonds and spoke to Stephen who is the owner. My experience with him from the early process to the actual purchase of a Fancy Colored Diamond from him was quite a journey.  He urged me before buying the diamond to do my own due diligence by comparing the price and quality. Needless to say I did not find one of like shape, color, clarity or price that would have changed my decision. If you would like to speak to me directly for more information you can get my telephone number from Northern Cross.

Read MoreAllan C.
Mississauga, Canada

I have used Northern Cross Diamonds for the last couple years. I have a full time job, rental properties, stocks and mutual funds, yet I am always looking for new investment opportunities. Meeting and dealing with the professionals on staff (especially Stephen) has pointed out creative ways of maximizing the investment potential within coloured diamonds. They are always there to answer questions when I am curious on making a new investment and the experience has been nothing but great! 

Read MoreAngelo f.
Etobicoke, Canada


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