An Open Letter From The Director

Northern Cross Diamonds Founder and Director Stephen Mitanidis

My name is Stephen Mitanidis, Director and Founder of Northern Cross Diamonds and I would personally like to welcome you to - Although I have been involved in the Hard Asset Investment business for over 10 years, first and foremost I am an avid collector, investor and especially admirer of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds and I am very excited to share with you this once exclusive method of investing that is now available directly to the public.

The world’s economic landscape is quickly changing and the old rules no longer apply. We are living in uncertain economic times that the world has never before seen. Investors are becoming increasingly disenfranchised with once considered “guaranteed” investments such as property, stocks, precious metals and bonds. They are now looking for an alternative, tangible hard asset investments that are both safe and reliable.

It is time to protect yourself with the most secure, most portable, safest and highest appreciating hard asset in the world. Whether it’s a brand new Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring for your beautiful bride-to-be or an estate investment Pink Argyle Diamond to be passed down through your family from generation to generation, there has never been a more important time to invest in Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

At Northern Cross Diamonds we have assisted our clients both domestic and internationally who know that we specialize in the world’s highest quality, investment grade, Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds at the most competitive prices in the world however, don’t take my word for it. This is an investment of your hard earned money. Take your time to browse our website, compare us to the competition and then decide for yourself.

I have personally assisted clients from every continent create Diamond Investment Portfolios that range from thousands to millions of dollars and it would be my pleasure to share my expertise in this field with you as well. As opposed to diamond brokers, the Northern Cross Collection is 100% in our possession and available at any time for personal viewing by appointment in our Custom Jewellery Boutique located in the beautiful Riverside District right here in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. Please feel free to contact us today to speak with myself personally or with any member of our team to discuss the investment options that are best suited for you.


Stephen A. Mitanidis
Director & Founder
Northern Cross Diamonds

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I found Northern Cross Diamonds because I was looking for a colored diamond for an engagement ring to propose with. There are not many companies that have colored diamonds but they have quite a few. After considering for a couple of weeks, I decided to contact them to discuss the diamond I was looking at. The guy I worked with, Stephen, was very kind and helped me with the purchase process. I even had to ask them to ship my stone across the world to China.  After I received it I had no doubt about the high quality of their products. I appreciate Stephen and Northern Cross to help me to achieve my perfect proposal plan. I am very happy to have done buisness with them and I will definately recommend Northern Cross Diamonds to anyone looking to get married or who would like to add more stones for their collection. Again, thank you Stephen

Read MoreXu
Beijing, China

For several months I had considered investing in Fancy Colored Diamonds. I heard all the negative jargon about unscrupulous people in the diamond business and how you could be taken to the cleaners, sort of speak.  However, I called Northern Cross Diamonds and spoke to Stephen who is the owner. My experience with him from the early process to the actual purchase of a Fancy Colored Diamond from him was quite a journey.  He urged me before buying the diamond to do my own due diligence by comparing the price and quality. Needless to say I did not find one of like shape, color, clarity or price that would have changed my decision. If you would like to speak to me directly for more information you can get my telephone number from Northern Cross.

Read MoreAllan C.
Mississauga, Canada

Working with Northern Cross Diamonds was great!  The staff was very knowledgeable and provided me with a great deal of information about the canary yellow radiant cut diamond that I purchased.  They wanted to make sure that I understood everything about the stone before I made my decision.  The price was very competitive, less than other diamond providers.  Once I had made my decision to purchase, the process and delivery time was very quick.  Now I have a beautiful and valuable diamond in my possession, thanks to Northern Cross.  I hope this helps spread word about your services.

Read MoreSoultana A.
East York, Canada


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